Access Control for Roku on DLink Routers

There are several services across the web that hardcoded forced DNS lookups to Google and other public DNS servers in their apps and devices (such as D-Link router). Much as Google prides itself in having a fast and safe infrastructure which is supposed to improve the web browsing experience, it bypasses any DNS servers which are set up by your ISP and effectively blocks the possibility of using any Smart DNS service. What is actually means is that your D-Link router will not allow you to bypass geolocation and watch your favorite streaming shows.

One way of blocking your D-Link router device from accessing Google is to set up static routes but it is not always possible and it is quite complicated so it requires an advanced user who feels comfortable setting up routers.

This is an alternative method for blocking Google DNS on D-Link routers which are not able to set up LAN based static routes, by using a feature called Access Control.

  1. Login to your router from your computers browser.
  2. Select 'Advanced' from the tabs across the top of the screen.

  3. Select 'Access Control' from the left hand tabs.

  4. On the Access Control screen, make sure 'Enable Access Control' is checked, and click 'Add Policy'.

  5. On the next screen, you will be shown the steps, the wizard will guide you through, click 'Next'

  6. Enter a Policy Name, this can be anything you want, and click 'Next'

  7. Make sure 'Always' is selected, and click 'Next'

  8. Select Machine - Check ‘Other Machines’ click 'Add' then click 'Next'

  9. Filtering Method - Check against 'Block Some Access' and 'Apply Advanced Port Filters'  click 'Next'

  10. Port Filter - Check the Enable box, and enter the following details
    • Name - Anything you want.
    • Dest IP Start -
    • Dest IP End -
  11. Leave other settings as they are, no need to adjust these.
    • Repeat steps for 
    • Dest IP Start -
    • Dest IP End -
  12. Then click 'Save' to save settings. Reboot your router. 

    Just to be on the safe side – when you reboot your D-Link router, turn the device off, unplug it from the power source, wait for approximately 30 seconds, plug the router back in and turn it on. There you are – your D-Link router should now block Public DNS lookups like Google and allow you to set up your network with your Smart DNS Proxy servers to enjoy unrestricted access to all your favorite streaming platforms.


    Above information is only to block Google DNS on your D-Link router which is a must for Roku to function. If you would like to access Netflix App on your Roku device you also need to add Netflix IPs to your devices static routing settings to reroute Netflix traffic over Smart DNS Proxy network. Please reach support if you need any further help on this case. You can reach our support from our contact-us page:

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