iTunes Account Without A Credit Card

How to register iTunes account (Apple ID) without a credit card for US or other country iTunes stores.

n order to download an iOS application from a different country specific iTunes Store, you need a new iTunes Apple ID account for that specific country.

For example, in order to download HULU PLUS application from US AppStore, you need to have a US iTunes Account, otherwise HULU PLUS will not show in your app searches and you won't be able to download it.

Here we provide you step by step instructions how you can create a different country AppStore iTunes account without any credit card, so you can download other country specific applications to your iOS devices.

1. Open iTunes from your computer and sign-out from your account. If it's already signed out, that's fine. Also if you don't have iTunes installed in your computer, you can install it from here.

2. Click on App Store and move down to the Free Apps section. Then select any of the Free Application.

3. From the App, Click Free button.

4. In the pop-up window, click Create Apple ID button.

5. Click Continue

6. Click on Country, Click Here to change your iTunes country.

7. Select the Country you wish to set your free iTunes Apple ID account. For example, If you want to download apps from United States App Store then select USA.

8. Fill in your details.

9. Select None for Payment Options. Fill your billing address. But this is important that you need to enter a proper address in that specific country you selected previously. We suggest you to google a hotel address and enter it exactly including the proper ZIP Code.

Then Click Create Apple ID button.

10. Once you create your account, for verification Apple will send you an email. Log into your email account and verify your new email address. Then you can download from that specific country app store properly.


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