Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

Netflix is making changes on it's back-end system. They have been experiencing service disruptions and this is effecting all Netflix streamers as well as Smart DNS Proxy users. Netflix usually resolves these issues in few hours.

At the moment Netflix is working properly with any device including Apple TV. 

If Netflix still not working on apple tv or other devices, please try followings;

1. Remove Smart DNS Proxy DNS IPs from your Apple TV and set it to Google DNS;

2. Turn Off your Apple TV. You may simply unplug the power cable. Keep it off for 2 minutes.

3. Please visit your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Home section and make sure to have your IP address registered. 

4. Turn On your apple TV.

5. Setup Smart DNS Proxy on your Apple TV. Click here for Apple TV Smart DNS Proxy Setup Instructions

6. Check Netflix application on your Apple TV.

UPDATE : Some devices like Chromecast/Roku/Android needs static IP routing to have Netflix work properly. Otherwise Netflix not working properly on such devices.

What should I do if Netflix still not working on my Apple TV?

If you are still experiencing Netflix access from your Apple TV, please check your PC if you are able to access website, login and start streaming. In order to do this you will need to have your PC setup with Smart DNS Proxy.

If Netflix works from your PC then we suggest you to first RESTORE Apple TV to Factory settings, and then change its region back to USA, time zone to USA. Now test.

If still Netflix is not working, we suggest you to Setup STATIC IP ROUTING in your modem/router. Please find static ip routing instructions here:

Now please unplug your Apple TV wait a minute and turn it on again. Now test your Netflix access from the Apple TV.

If Netflix still not working on your Apple TV, please open support ticket here : . In your ticket please make sure to provide us following details and screen shots:

- Screen shot of your SmartDNSProxy MyAccount page.
- Visit and send us screen shot of your browser page.
- Open your PC DNS settings section and send us screen shot.
- Visit and run a standard test. Send us screen shot of the result.
- Visit websites like which you wanted to unblock and send us screen shot.

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